5 Steps you need to add to your morning routine.

So we’re back to school and this post is just what we need right now: Motivation.Motivational girl

Follow these 5-morning routines for a more productive day:

  • Clear your head by meditating:

Meditating feels strange, but the more you do it the easier it becomes to control any negative thoughts. Starting your day this way puts you in the best mental state possible.

  • Hit the Mat:Yoga mat

Yoga is optimal for stress reduction, you can search for yoga positions online, and you don’t need to be a pro to do it.

  • Pamper yourself:

After working out your mind and body, you need to pamper yourself with a good hot bath and perhaps a face mask or body peel.

  • Tea Time!

Add tea to your everyday routine, and make sure to drink it after a shower.

Aside from its health benefits, tea also improves mental focus as it wakes up your senses.Tea

  • Read something motivational every day:

Read something inspiring to boost your productivity over the day.


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