Q&A: Lily and Alex


This spring, Lily is joined by BFF and cult hair stylist Alex Brownsell, proving that fashion is oh-so-much-better with friends. Together in style, Lily and Alex spoke exclusively to VERO MODA on the spring campaign shoot in Marrakech, revealing their personal style and what makes them gel as fashionable friends…

Where do you find fashion inspiration?

Alex: “People-watching. Spotting people on the street always works for me, and of course Instagram and Pinterest.”

Do you talk about fashion together, share tips etc.?

Lily: “All the time. We talk a lot about fashion, and we shop together and for each other. The other day I bought Alex a pair of shoes, and that’s just how it works. Sharing fashion is fun.”

Alex: “We borrow from each other as well. I still have your neon cat-suit, by the way, Lily!”


Would you speak up if you think the other is wearing something that doesn’t look good?

Lily: “It depends. If we were at Alex’s house and she was getting dressed, and she’d have time to change, I might say something like: ‘Hmmm, I’m not sure about that outfit,’ but if we met somewhere, I wouldn’t say anything.”

Can you describe each other’s style?

Alex: “Funky, chic, normcore and…classic!”

Lily: “Classic?! I think you want to be contemporary, ground-breaking and quirky?”

Alex (laughing): “No – I’ve moved on from that! I want to be classic, chic and sophisticated.”

Lily (laughing): “Now you just want to blend in…”

Alex: “Lily’s style actually hasn’t changed that much over the years. Maybe the price tags are higher now, but she is true to her style, which I really like.”

Lily: “No matter what I do, I try to choose outfits that make me stand out and not look like everybody else. I try not to go for the quick trends, but to do my own thing.”

Alex: “I mostly choose based on what I am doing: an interview requires one look, whereas a party, or a photo shoot, demands a different look.”


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