After marriage, motherhood and a four-year career break, Lily Allen continues to expand her portfolio of talents with an international campaign for VERO MODA.

Possibly the most honest woman in pop, 30- year-old singer Lily Allen hit the comeback trail last year with her third album, Sheezus, full of eye-opening lyrics touching on domestic bliss, life as a mother and feelings about frenemies. Now she’s embarking on an exciting collaboration with VERO MODA, so we spent some time with her to find out what makes her the sensation she is.


Daughter of actor Keith Allen and film producer Alison Owen, Lily had a roller-coaster ride of an upbringing in the world of showbiz. Her first hit, Smile, launched her to instant stardom in 2006, selling over 365,000 copies. It was also her first Number 1 chart success.

To her credit, much of Lily’s success could be called self-created. She was ahead of the curve with social media, realizing the importance of creating a rapport with her fans early on. In 2005, Lily started selling her music via her Myspace page (back when people used Myspace), while writing a personal blog that turned into an overnight sensation. Sadly, the blog later became material for tabloid news fodder, about which she said: “… and then it all got a bit boring.”


These days Lily spends about two hours every day on her Twitter and Instagram accounts, doing much the same as normal people – promoting herself, commenting on things (or even people) she doesn’t like and posting pictures of her latest and greatest nail art.

Lily has had her ups and downs in her personal life, but after four years out of the limelight, she’s now back in the spotlight. The media has both lauded and berated her at different times throughout her career, whether it was for being outspoken and challenging norms, or for being photographed falling out of nightclubs. But one thing’s for sure: Lily is a force to be reckoned with.


Her unique personality is what first grabbed the attention of Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld when they met at a party in Paris. She was reportedly a little worse for wear and, to this day, she says that she barely remembers the encounter. A week later, she was asked to front the label’s 2009 Cocoon bag campaign, with Lagerfeld remaining a staunch supporter ever since.

After she was appointed a Chanel Ambassador in 2010, Lagerfeld even designed a couture Chanel wedding dress for her. The German designer reportedly told British Vogue: “I love Lily Allen. She looks a lot like Gabrielle Chanel and she is a self-made woman. She is cool, young and extremely witty”.

At VERO MODA we admire Lily’s conviction, unique style and personality: as she said herself in an interview with The Guardian newspaper in 2013: “I’m called mouthy, but I’m just talking”. Well Lily, we look forward to hearing a lot more from you – this season and beyond.



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