Long Distance Relationship

Long distance

Love knows no borders…

Yes, I’m dead jealous of people who get to see him every day… But then I remember that out of 7, 315, 950, 379 people, he chose me. So I opted for a simple equation at the end, I stopped measuring the distance and measured our love instead… unmeasurable!

Ok put all the cheesy lovey dovey words aside, I believe that couples who participate in a healthy long-distance relationship can have more meaningful interactions than couples who see each other daily. Here’s how him and I do it…I make sure I tell him about all my little triumphs and tragedies… daily.

We clarify together everything; the timelines, the logistics, the feelings and the expectations, it helps us eliminate hidden hurt and resentment and opens up the decision making process.

We stay positive; we truly believe that an essential invaluable component of a secure relationship is an optimistic attitude towards each other.

We stay assured… assurance is absolutely sacred between us; the down-side is that he’s not here, but the upside is the degree to which we come to appreciate each other… no one is taken for granted, so commitment and support are crucial for us when things are difficult and we’re at distance.

We’re so candor… openness between us is peerless; we share our feelings, concerns and believe in each other. Most importantly, we try as much as we can to harbour and rear our intimacy… with all the technical advances, Skype, emails, cell phones, SMS, it just keeps us as close… Alright, I take that back, nothing compares to hugging him but u got my point. But with all the latter mentioned, there is a certain thrill in the back and forth whatsapps… the brevity, the insider codes and intimate suggestions of “for ur eyes only” are just a bang and a blast away!

Science aside, a long distance relationship does the most to strengthen the bond between a couple, and makes them treasure what they say to each other more… the awareness that they can survive the distance means that the relationship can survive anything… it’s just the trust of one, and the loyalty of the other…

And that feeling, when one gets butterflies just thinking about themself, the next time they see their other half, is simply stratospheric…

Oooo, did I mention that the full extra exotic traveling and adventure is just awesome??


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