We’re very excited to announce that the new face of VERO MODA is Lily Allen!

“Working with Lily Allen was a very obvious choice for us,” says Thomas Bay, head of marketing at VERO MODA. “Our customers are fashion-conscious and independent young women, who want to dress true to their own style and have fun while doing so. Lily Allen embodies this attitude and is very much a self-made woman who has gone a long way by simply being who she is. This attitude has a strong appeal to us, and is very much how we engage with the world as well.”


Behind the scenes

Lily Allen’s rock’n’roll attitude, her sense of style and her outspokenness will be integral to the campaigns and to working with VERO MODA. It’s going to be a year of fun, fashion and style, and at VERO MODA, we can’t wait to show you the results of this partnership!


The association with Lily Allen will be visible in VERO MODA shops and on all the brand’s platforms from August 2015, and will be both creative and vibrant.



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