Friday Friends

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This season, we want to celebrate you! Because “Fashion is Better With Friends”, we wanted to get to know our friends better. How about you meet them too? Every week, you’ll be getting to know two friends by revealing their answers to a series of 7 questions.

Friendship makes the world go ‘round, and we surely want to keep that wheel moving. Today, we’re celebrating SANDRINE & TAMAR.


1- How did you two meet? (Give us the good details!)

“Sandrine: I don’t even remember it was 15 years ago but I’m sure it was our shopping addiction that got us together!”

“Tamar: We met through a group of common friends who we used to hang out with regularly, and yes it was our addiction to shopping and fashion that brought us a closer. Also a pair of home designed jeans, which we discussed on one of the first few night outs that we had.”

2- Describe yourselves with one word each.

“Sandrine about Tamar: She’s the true shopaholic!”

“Tamar about Sandrine: She’s the fashion police.”

3- Do you have the same style, or follow the same fashion trends?

“Sandrine: Not at all! This is what makes our blog special.”

“Tamar: Same style? Not at all. Follow the same trends? Yes but we wear or adopt them in really different ways.”

4- What annoys you in her?

“Sandrine: She always buys the wrong stuff.”

“Tamar: She always avoids the un-necessary buys.”

5- If there were a theme song for each one of you, what would those songs be?

“Sandrine: All the crazy things I did tonight, those will be the best memoriesss.”

“Tamar: Same song as well. There is a certain event that ties us to this song.”

6- Give one continuation each, and sign your name next to it:

If life gives you lemons… “go and have shots at the bar! (Sandrine)”

If life gives you lemons… “squeeze them, add sugar, make lemonade, get a sugar rush and go shopping! (Tamar)”

7- As a pair, what famous couple or group would you relate to, and how?

“Sandrine: Betty and Veronica.”

“Tamar: Rachel and Monica.”


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