Friday Friends

LC 2This season, we want to celebrate you! Because “Fashion is Better With Friends”, we wanted to get to know our friends better. How about you meet them too? Every week, you’ll be getting to know two friends by revealing their answers to a series of 7 questions.


Friendship makes the world go ‘round, and we surely want to keep that wheel moving. Today, we’re celebrating CERINA & LANA EL SAHELY.

1- How did you two meet? (Give us the good details!)

“Sisters, when Lana was 2.”

2- Describe yourselves with one word each.

“Cerina is caring”

“Lana is ambitious”

3- Do you have the same style, or follow the same fashion trends?

“We both love classic and timeless pieces but Lana tends to go crazier”

4- What annoys you in her?

“Cerina: Lana is too sensitive”

“Lana: Cerina is perfectionist”

5- If there were a theme song for each one of you, what would those songs be?

“Cerina: I need a girl- part 1”

“Lana: I need a girl- part 2”

6- Give one continuation each, and sign your name next to it:

If life gives you lemons… “Talk to Cerina (Lana)”

If life gives you lemons… “Run away from Lana (Cerina)”

7- As a pair, what famous couple or group would you relate to, and how?

“Beyoncé and Jay-Z”



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