Cuisine D’amour


What started as a passion for the flavorsome, just blossomed into an appetizing online platform. Cuisine d’Amour’s Michele Khalife El Khoury is a full-time graphic designer, and mom-to-be, with a gourmet twist. Michele developed her skills by spending quality time in the kitchen, perfecting her recipes to serve to her loved ones. If there was one thing she loved more than having people over, it’s feeding them!


Michele was encouraged by her husband, Youssef, to create an account and share it all with the rest of the world. And that she did. After seeing what goodness was on her Instagram account, we asked her to share that with VERO MODA and our friends. Over a pleasant brunch, Michele let us enjoy the sweet and savory delights by Cuisine d’Amour. The house favorites include her insatiable cinnamon rolls, which were undeniably popular on the day. When asked what she’d like to take on next? She answered simply, “macarons.”



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