Abbaye de la Buissiere

It was a six or seven minute drive to a hidden paradise, right in the heart of Burgundy.

The charming driveway went on for what seemed like ages, only to end at the most beautiful mansion. Housing fourteen unique suites, you can only imagine the size of the place. Now, imagine the halls, with marble floors and high, domed ceilings. The soothing warmth of the dining hall with fine, dark, woodwork felt like our own. At some point in time, it must’ve been a home and it looked like it had so many stories to tell. For those few days, it felt like ours. From the surrounding green, to the smallest piece of tapestry in the mansion, the picturesque experience was one beyond words. It was one that takes your imagination into fairy tales created by the overwhelming charm of Abbaye de la Buissiere.


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