In the Middle of Nowhere

Have you ever dreamt of a drive, destination: nowhere?

I knew our heading, and our course, and yet it was all just beautifully new. It was a journey of continuous discovery that started in Germany and went along the Alps. Driving through Alpine passes, nature’s breathtaking magnificence took me to surreal heights as we headed to our next destination. I was in the unreal, and what I only knew for certain was my being with company, and in our car, while all else was questionable. As I wandered, we approached the Dolomites in Italy, and Merano. The picturesque scenes sprung to life, and nature in all its forms celebrated our arrival with a mesmerizing display of the earth’s green, its blue sky, and sunset orange. It was a good comeback to reality after moments of absolute surrender to nature. And just like that, it becomes all about the journey, and not the destination. Then again, isn’t it the case, always?


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