Colors in a Jar

First impressions count. And this also applies to food!

With food photos being shared every minute on every social media platform, we are always looking for the next best meal. Yet most of the time we are dialing up for some delivery services and can’t really complain when the food tastes better than it looks. If, like us, you enjoy healthy appealing food even at the comfort of your desk, Jars&Co is the perfect solution. Jars & Co is a food concept boutique that is now offering a brand new culinary experience in Lebanon. What to expect? A jar layered with colours, nutrition, goodness and freshness! They taste as good as they look and it just seems a perfect meal option that goes great in offices.

Delicious mini jar desserts!

To-die-for Bagle Burger!

You can also visit their cozy restaurant in Monot.

You can check their Facebook page HERE.

Location: Monot Street, Beirut-Lebanon


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