Meet @Lebanesestreetstyle

By now, we have all indulged in the pleasure of Instagramming!

We can’t get enough of posting pictures, carefully choosing a filter and scrolling down on our timeline to like and comment on pictures of friends, friends of friends and even people we have never met. With the large amount of people on Instagram, it can be really hard to find the best accountsto follow. But when it comes to street style inspiration, we definitely have a favourite: @lebanesestreetstyle.

One year and a half after opening @Lebanesestreetstyle account, Dania Ghannoum Hakim, tells us about one of the most famous Instagram accounts in the region and offers two of her favourite instagrammers a photoshoot with VeroModa!

1-How did the idea come up?

I have always loved fashion and enjoyed taking pictures. I am always looking for details in an outfit. I started to ask my friends to send me pictures so I can share them and simply share my passion.

2-What is your criterion for choosing photos?

It has to be very clear, have a touch of culture; preferably related to Beirut and above all it has to be decent. I shy away from unrefined photos.

3- When posting, do you follow trends or your own taste?

I follow personality. I like to choose pictures that depict street style, affordable clothes, mix and match of brands. I also like to promote the Lebanese strong sense of style and developed sense of fashion.

4- Do you have a style icon?

Not anyone in particular. I admire a well dressed woman of personality and character.


Stay tune to @lebanesestreestyle and @veromodame for the coming weeks to spot the fashionable outfits styled by @riri_dada and @paolaelsitt


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