A smile is best described as that line that appears across our faces and usually indicates pleasure, amusement and friendliness. But is it just that?

A smile might seem like a simple act but we still manage to take it for granted together with all the good things that come with it. I am that kind of person that smiles. Yes! I smile even when no one is around.I believe that smiling is not only a facial expression. It is being aware that life will throw at you good and bad things. It is knowing that some days will be tougher than others and that the rain might last a little longer than you would like it to but you still have the willingness to smile while you are at it.

To smile is to have a positive outlook on life. Smile at people, places, and situations! Once you become aware of all the great things within yourself, a smile stops being a conscious effort but just a reflex and a way of being. We are constantly looking for ways to look prettier and more attractive. We are always craving for those designer shoes, and that hair colour not knowing that the most effective and inexpensive way to change our looks is just a smile away!


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