1-The act of going out every night, all night, chugging drinks, dancing the night away and having snacks at dawn with new friends met during the clubbing trip. When I was a crazy teenager and even until my early twenties, I used to go out a lot. Not sure if I enjoyed it, but the thrill of the hunger game fed my pursuit for something unknown. It was all about  going out and discovering new places and faces. It didn’t matter if I was single, it was all about creating unforgettable memories with my friends. I used to think that was all there is to it. But then I learned a new definition that you cannot grasp unless you fully discovered def.1.

2. The act of going out to places you love with people you enjoy being with. It’s funny how clubbing took a different turn, things have changed with a little pinch of wisdom and a dab of experience. I still enjoy going out clubbing every now and then.  I go out with my friends sip a little pink martini, enjoy a little music, meet up with old friends, and savor the moment. With a little wink at the DJ, I choose the remix of my favorite tune and let out all the moves of a young and happy woman!


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