The thrilling adventures of a bookinista!

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. I think books are more on Chloe’s good side.

Skimming through pages has given me wisdom beyond my years. Their friendship was the medicine of life that sharpened my intellect, broadened my mind, enriched my experience, widened my knowledge, and uplifted my morals. And yes, it is a fact: books made me a better person, nobler and happier in life.

I look at my bookshelves. I see the old paperback books that I used to delve in when I was a teenager, and the newest ones that I bought a day ago attracted by the title that can make me dream for an hour: “Life after Life”. I didn’t dare to open that book yet. The title itself is dramatically intense enough to make me ponder for hours. But hey, my bookshelves are filled with all kinds of books: I am more of a word explorer. I’ve read science-fiction, romantic novels, biology, chick books, fiction and non-fiction … you name it. I’ve read “Pride and Prejudice” with the same delight that I read Malcolm Gladwell books answering loony questions like: what is the difference between choking and panicking? Why are there dozens of varieties of mustard-but only one variety of ketchup? What does hair dye tell us about the history of the 20th century? Wouldn’t you like to know?!

When I lay my eyes on well-written sentences and feel the flow of words, it’s like a river of positive energy flowing through my mind. I cherish my favorite authors as much as I cherish my friends, because they live in my mind and I live in theirs. This type of synergy, of deep mind intimacy is never to be found outside books – or very rarely.

Even if books are my best companions in solitude, they have never stopped me from being out there. Quite the contrary, reading gives you a need to share; be it a quote, an excerpt or the book itself. It is indeed a true sign of generosity and can be a smart conversation starter.

At the end of the day and as my feline side wakes up, there’s nothing I enjoy more than curling up on my La-Z-Boy and digging into a good book. Not a tablet, not a Kindle, a real old-fashioned book that smells, feels and weighs like a book. Then, I can take a deep sigh and dive headlong in my real exciting, soul-fulfilling world.



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